Idea of architecture

A 360° view of an olive grove, immersed in the countryside, is the setting for this beautiful
Masseria dating back to 1700 located near the town of Sannicola in the province of Lecce.
The building opens with a large entrance characterised by large windows and a succession of living rooms with stone fireplace and vaulted ceilings. The atmosphere is characterised by a combination of styles in which antiques and contemporary design objects are combined.
The bathrooms in the sleeping area are characterised by the use of precious marbles and resins.
In contrast, the guest bathroom, in the living area, stands out for the bold design of the stone washbasin and sees the colour of the large marble wall that contains it as the centrepiece.
A staircase in Lecce stone leads to the terrace from which you can enjoy the view of the entire property. In-depth study of the lighting helps to create an exclusive and relaxed atmosphere.

Design Philosophy

The project of consolidation, renovation and extension of the farm is characterised by a series of interventions aimed at giving new life to the various rooms respecting as much as possible their original shape. A careful study of the design and construction characteristics of the period and place of reference influenced the final choices and works now visible in the Masseria.
Soft tones, local materials, windows and doors with often critical dimensions to give natural light to the rooms are the characteristic elements of the project.

Why Quemme

The choice of the right window and door to make the most of the spaces arrived at Quemme after considering several alternatives. Quemme embodied what we were looking for, namely outstanding technological performance, significant aesthetic impact with a retro yet
contemporary style, excellent dialogue between company and technician.
The idea of installing windows and doors with a look very similar to the original wooden windows
and doors but with the technical characteristics of the aluminium door and window was one of the factors that led to the final choice of the company.

Sliding lift

Sliding doors and windows are an increasingly popular and appreciated architectural solution, especially when the building has outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces or verandas.
The Quemme lift and slide mechanism is equipped with a sliding mechanism so that the opening and closing sash lifts and slides easily in parallel in front of the other sash, which remains fixed.
This efficient mechanism allows having thresholds lowered or at the same level as the floor, very comfortable for everyone, ideal when there are children or older people.
Quemme sliding doors and windows, in addition to their elegant and distinctive appearance, offer undeniable advantages in terms of performance: much more natural light indoors, visual continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces, high thermal and acoustic comfort, respectable anti-effraction security.

Burglar-proof equipment as standard

Sliding windows offer a level of security equal to or higher than traditional casement windows, thanks to the use of specific security locks and the considerable weight of the sashes which naturally obstructs attempts to break in, in particular, because the movable sash must be lifted off the ground before sliding on the rail, making forced opening prohibitive.
Completing the VSG laminated safety glass system is a highly resistant film.

QUEMME Innovazione Tecnologica 4.0

Innovazione tecnologica linee produttive 4.0 attraverso il cambiamento fondamentale del processo di produzione complessivo di un'unita' produttiva esistente attraverso un programma di investimento che prevede la realizzazione di investimenti innovativi diretti ad aumentare il livello di efficienza, di flessibilità e di sostenibilità ambientale nello svolgimento dell’attività economica del soggetto proponente, in grado di:

• consentire la trasformazione tecnologica e digitale dell’impresa mediante l’utilizzo delle tecnologie abilitanti afferenti il piano Impresa 4.0 riportate nell’allegato 1 al decreto ministeriale 30 ottobre 2019
• consentire l’ottimizzazione e il risparmio nell’utilizzo delle fonti energetiche impiegate
• consentire il recupero ed il riciclo degli scarti di lavorazione delle materie prime impiegate
• consentire ad attuare un miglioramento delle condizioni lavorative degli addetti al ciclo produttivo riguardo alla sicura ed ottimale operatività sugli impianti e macchinari

Idendificativo Progetto:
Data di avvio del programma di investimento: 23/03/2021
Data di conclusione del programma di investimento: 21/09/2022

Unità produttiva interessata dal programma di investimento
Indirizzo: Circonvallazione TA/LE, Z.I. - 74024 Manduria (TA)
Regione: PUGLIA