The great windows and doors between craftsmanship and high technology

Specialising in the production of high quality windows and doors, Quemme SpA is a reference company in the sector of wood-aluminium and aluminium doors, windows and shutters, designing and producing solutions in classic style of undisputed value and high quality, to offer its Italian and international customers “turnkey” windows and doors exquisitely Made in Italy.


High tech, tradition and design in aluminium-wooden windows and doors.

Produced with 100% Italian manufacturing, QUEMME windows and doors are designed and manufactured in compliance with standards of absolute excellence, the result of a flexible production process that allows for optimized prices, in line with the specific needs of customers and designers.

This is the essence of the products QUEMME: aluminium-wooden windows and doors distinguished by excellent thermal-acoustic performance and exclusive classic design.

Particularly appreciated by designers from all over the world for their superior aesthetic quality, these windows and doors are created in Puglia, created by selected and experienced staff, equipped with the most advanced technologies and successors of the best craft tradition.

Windows and doors with a classic look but very modern in content, which have gained an exclusive position in the market, even internationally: from North Europe to North America, from Russia to Indonesia, to the Middle East.

The aesthetic quality of QUEMME solutions is such that they represent an efficient and longlasting alternative to traditional wooden windows and doors, even in old town centres and for buildings subject to constraints, having passed the judgement of conservation bodies several times.

The study of the setting is of absolute importance in the creation of QUEMME products. An even more in-depth study in the case where the building has historical importance, as the reproduction of the windows and doors must be consistent with the original design.

QUEMME windows and doors are always made to meet specific needs, and they are also suitable for historical buildings as well as contemporary buildings, Mediterranean farms and country estates, 5-star hotels in the heart of the cities and luxurious villas.

One of the aspects that most inspires the designers who adopt these systems is the possibility to create windows and doors of essential dimensions: a particular product segment, the Monumental Line, allows the creation of Portals that exceed even six metres in height and four metres in width, unique in the world and which have now become an icon.

These products are impressive for their size and, at the same time, extremely light and easy to manoeuvre, demonstrating the combination of technology and aesthetics that QUEMME has developed through continuous investment in research and development.

The quality standards are guaranteed by the craftsman’s attention to even the smallest detail and by a state-of-the-art production process using technologically advanced machinery that complies with the strictest environmental protection standards.

QUEMME has always considered respect for ecological balances as a fundamental value of its production philosophy. This is demonstrated by the use of raw materials that are rigorously certified, durable, free of harmful substances and totally biodegradable or recyclable, and the adoption of a company policy based on the total use of renewable energy for its production needs.

Our mission is to innovate in the wake of tradition, to create windows and doors with extraordinary durability over time, which will retain their unmistakable aesthetics over the years.

With QUEMME, the future of classic windows and doors has begun.

The future of classic windows and doors



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Innovazione tecnologica linee produttive 4.0 attraverso il cambiamento fondamentale del processo di produzione complessivo di un'unita' produttiva esistente attraverso un programma di investimento che prevede la realizzazione di investimenti innovativi diretti ad aumentare il livello di efficienza, di flessibilità e di sostenibilità ambientale nello svolgimento dell’attività economica del soggetto proponente, in grado di:

• consentire la trasformazione tecnologica e digitale dell’impresa mediante l’utilizzo delle tecnologie abilitanti afferenti il piano Impresa 4.0 riportate nell’allegato 1 al decreto ministeriale 30 ottobre 2019
• consentire l’ottimizzazione e il risparmio nell’utilizzo delle fonti energetiche impiegate
• consentire il recupero ed il riciclo degli scarti di lavorazione delle materie prime impiegate
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