An ambitious architectural restoration project, which involved several buildings located both in the charming historical part and in the newest and most elegant area of Gallipoli, the “beautiful city” by definition.
A project in which Quemme windows and doors have proved to be a powerful fil rouge, exalting themselves both in the more classic and relatively modern contexts of the seafront, with performance capable of challenging the moods of the sea and the noises of summer, neo-classical lines with impeccable design, handles and accessories of superior aesthetic and functional quality.

Hardware the quality is total

Original accessories
The use of Quemme original accessories together with the use of original accessories from the best European manufacturers give certainty of quality, strength and durability to our windows and doors.
Quemme has always been at the forefront to guarantee superior quality and reliability, confirmed by prestigious certifications and coveted international awards.
There’s so much more to the design: Quemme windows and doors are structurally excellent, built with internal accessories that are fundamental for perfect operation and total thermal, acoustic and environmental seal.

Burglar alarm security

Quemme windows and doors are excellent against the most common burglary actions, i.e. the increasingly frequent intrusion attempts by occasional burglars.
This result has been made possible thanks to the precise design choices of the windows and doors and a careful choice of components to be installed inside them.
The sashes of some Metra windows and doors can support loads of up to 200-300 kg.
Quemme windows and doors can reach security Class 3 of the EN V 1627 standard which defines and classifies the requirements for burglar resistance of doors, shutters and windows not moved electronically.

Laying and installation

The PosaClima System is considered today the most complete and innovative method in the installation of windows and doors
The energy efficiency of a window frame depends not only on the tightness of the sashes and the thickness of the frame but also on:

  • type of subframe used
  • materials used for laying
  • methods of execution of connection nodes

These points are often very often overlooked,
resulting in losses that frustrate their performance.
The Posa Clima Quemme system considers laying from every point of view, both architectural and performance, and provides precise solutions and reference concepts to address individual cases from which designers and installers can draw guidance for their work.
Only if the door and window frame is installed with these rules can it have the indicated thermalacoustic insulation performance and really contribute to improving comfort and quality of life in indoor environments, as well as guaranteeing the necessary energy savings.

QUEMME Innovazione Tecnologica 4.0

Innovazione tecnologica linee produttive 4.0 attraverso il cambiamento fondamentale del processo di produzione complessivo di un'unita' produttiva esistente attraverso un programma di investimento che prevede la realizzazione di investimenti innovativi diretti ad aumentare il livello di efficienza, di flessibilità e di sostenibilità ambientale nello svolgimento dell’attività economica del soggetto proponente, in grado di:

• consentire la trasformazione tecnologica e digitale dell’impresa mediante l’utilizzo delle tecnologie abilitanti afferenti il piano Impresa 4.0 riportate nell’allegato 1 al decreto ministeriale 30 ottobre 2019
• consentire l’ottimizzazione e il risparmio nell’utilizzo delle fonti energetiche impiegate
• consentire il recupero ed il riciclo degli scarti di lavorazione delle materie prime impiegate
• consentire ad attuare un miglioramento delle condizioni lavorative degli addetti al ciclo produttivo riguardo alla sicura ed ottimale operatività sugli impianti e macchinari

Idendificativo Progetto:
Data di avvio del programma di investimento: 23/03/2021
Data di conclusione del programma di investimento: 21/09/2022

Unità produttiva interessata dal programma di investimento
Indirizzo: Circonvallazione TA/LE, Z.I. - 74024 Manduria (TA)
Regione: PUGLIA